Announcement of "Grants for Senior Scientist/Junior Researcher Groups" program 

20 august 2021

The Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan is planning to launch the following grant programs for creation and implementation of innovations and new technologies under the Fostering Productive Innovation Project:

“Grants for Senior Scientist/Junior Researcher Groups”

The grant program is aimed at stimulating the commercialization of domestic R&D.

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05 July 2017 year


The Science Committee of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan under the Fostering Productive Innovation Project would like to congratulate the winners of the SSG/JRG Grant Program.

Note: The projects selected by the International Science and Commercialization Board (hereinafter - ISCB) have undergone an ecological categorization procedure under the Environmental Management Framework developed in accordance with the requirements and procedures of the World Bank.

For category "C" - no integrated environmental assessment is required.

For category "B-" -  an actual Environmental Management Plan together with all licenses and Material Safety Data Sheet. In addition, Annex No. 6 to the Grant Agreement must be completed.

For category "B+" - projects can be funded if positive Environmental Impact Assessment conclusion of the authority body is provided, or if they have short term environmental impacts (EIA report and/or EMPs required).

Besides EIA materials the Environmental Management Plan (EMP) shall be developed. Grantee’s responsibilities include organization and financing the development of the EIA materials and/or EMP. The deadline for submission of the EIA report is November 1st 2017.

For category "C", to execute the Grant Agreement please submit the following documents until July 17th 2017:

1) Certificate on the state registration of the new legal entity;

2) Notarized copies of the constituent instrument (Contract) or Charter;

3) Original bank statement on availability of the account to accumulate grant funds (grant account);

4) Original bank statement on availability of the account to accumulate co-financing funds (co-financing account).

This statement should include information on the co-financing funds in the amount as specified in the preliminary/full application; co-financing funds must be provided prior to signing of Grant Agreement, unless otherwise indicated in an application. If co-financing is provided by the business partner, a notarized copy of the contract or other document confirming the amount and terms of co-financing in accordance with the payment schedule shall be provided;

5) A notarized copy of the contract or documents confirming the cooperation of a Grantee with the Customer of technology (if any was specified in an application);

6) Draft Grant Agreement (download).


List of winners selected under the SSG/JRG Grant Program

Application number Full name of applicant Environmental category
1 APP-SSG-17/0280F Kaltayev A. Zh. B-
2 APP-JRG-17/0332F Karabekov D. A. B-
3 APP-SSG- 17/0236P Abugaliyev K. R. B-
4 APP-JRG-17/0111F Myrzakhanov M. M. B-
5 APP-SSG- 17/0057P Mukatova I.Yu. B-
6 APP-SSG-17/0173F Yerenova B. Ye. B-
7 APP-JRG-17/0293F Zhakupov Y. Zh. B+
8 APP-SSG-17/0071F Kenzhin B. M. B+
9 APP-SSG-17/0334F Karimov B. K. B+
10 APP-JRG-17/0393F Orazbekuly E.O. B+
11 APP-JRG-17/0141F Fomenko M. V. B+
12 APP-SSG-17/0290F Aringazin K.Sh. B+
13 APP-SSG-17/0206F Vernigor A.V. B+
14 APP-SSG-17/0319F Utelbayev B. T. B+
15 APP-SSG-17/0422F Kenbeilova S. Zh. B+
16 APP-SSG-17/0044F Donenov B. K. B+
17 APP-JRG-17/0160F Zakiruly O. B+
18 APP-SSG-17/0028F Lyssenko V. S. B+
19 APP-JRG-17/0448F Assilbekov B. K. C
20 APP-SSG- 17/0323P Gabdreshov G. E. C
21 APP-JRG-17/0292F Kozhagulov Ye. T. C


Contact number: 8 (7172) 23-90-64, 8 (7172) 23-90-66.

16 June 2017 year


The Science Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan under the Fostering Productive Innovation Project informs about the results of evaluation of full proposals of the Senior Scientist Groups (hereinafter - SSG) and Junior Researcher Groups (hereinafter - JRG) by ISCB members.

The shortlist of projects selected for final stage of the SSG and JRG Grant program contest and the schedule of presentations for ISCB are given below.

All projects selected for the final stage will be evaluated through environmental categorization and analyzed for duplication of funding and plagiarism.

In accordance with the procedures of the World Bank, in order to ensure their environmental safety and sustainability, all Sub-projects shall be assigned an environmental category. In line with Environmental Management Framework (EMF) under the Fostering Productive Innovation Project only Sub-projects with category "B" and "C" will be funded. Category "A" Sub-projects will not be funded.

The shortlist of projects: 

Application number Full name of applicant
1 APP-SSG-17/0350F Mynbayev M.T.
2 APP-SSG-17/0380F Ospankulova G. K.
3 APP-JRG-17/0298F Jampeissov D. K.
4 APP-JRG-17/0293F Zhakupov Y. Zh.
5 APP-SSG-17/0171F Zhumagalieva Sh. N.
6 APP-SSG-17/0442F Utegulov Zh. N.
7 APP-SSG-17/0057F Mukatova I.Yu.
8 APP-JRG-17/0329F Khannanov R. A.
9 APP-JRG-17/0090F Kudabayeva S. Y.
10 APP-JRG-17/0141F Fomenko M. V.
11 APP-SSG-17/0008F Taimasov B.
12 APP-SSG-17/0240F Sadykbek T. A.
13 APP-SSG-17/0242F Yessenbayev Zh. A.
14 APP-JRG-17/0400F Imankulov T. S.
15 APP-SSG-17/0015F Arynov K. T.
16 APP-SSG-17/0370F Tatkeeva G. G.
17 APP-SSG-17/0044F Donenov B. K.
18 APP-SSG-17/0241F Bekmagambetov M. M.
19 APP-JRG-17/0351F Zhakupov B. M.
20 APP-SSG-17/0323F Gabdreshov G. E.
21 APP-JRG-17/0332F Karabekov D. A.
22 APP-SSG-17/0028F Lyssenko V. S.
23 APP-SSG-17/0017F Koshumbayev M. B.
24 APP-SSG-17/0071F Kenzhin B. M.
25 APP-SSG-17/0334F Karimov B. K.
26 APP-SSG-17/0213F Khojibergenov D. T.
27 APP-SSG-17/0345F Karmanov T. D.
28 APP-JRG-17/0448F Assilbekov B. K.
29 APP-SSG-17/0236F Abugaliyev K. R.
30 APP-JRG-17/0160F Zakiruly O.
31 APP-JRG-17/0045F Aubakirov S. S.
32 APP-SSG-17/0353F Istekova  S.A.
33 APP-SSG-17/0428F Nadirov R. K.
34 APP-SSG-17/0319F Utelbayev B. T.
35 APP-SSG-17/0173F Yerenova B. Ye.
36 APP-SSG-17/0022F Kvasov A. I.
37 APP-SSG-17/0433F Akzhalova A. Zh.
38 APP-SSG-17/0099F Krassikov S. A.
39 APP-SSG-17/0280F Kaltayev A. Zh.
40 APP-SSG-17/0005F Shokanov A. K.
41 APP-JRG-17/0111F Myrzakhanov M. M.
42 APP-SSG-17/0206F Vernigor A.V.
43 APP-SSG-17/0324F Abdiyev K. Zh.
44 APP-JRG- 17/0185F Aitpayev K. A.
45 APP-JRG-17/0438F Aidarov K. A.
46 APP-JRG-17/0393F Orazbekuly E.O.
47 APP-JRG-17/0211F Tokmoldin N. S.
48 APP-SSG-17/0290F Aringazin K.Sh.
49 APP-JRG-17/0292F Kozhagulov Ye. T.
50 APP-SSG-17/0422F Kenbeilova S. Zh.
51 APP-SSG-17/0384F Irmukhametova G.S.
52 APP-SSG-17/0342F Musina I.B.
53 APP-JRG-17/0379F Zhunussov A.K.
54 APP-JRG-17/0180F Kerimkulov Z.S.
55 APP-JRG-17/0203F Turgumbayeva A.A.
56 APP-SSG-17/0330F Ilgekbayeva G.D.


The schedule of presentations:

Group Number Applicant's full name Time
June 18th 2017 (Sunday)
ISCB & PMU meeting 9:00-10:30
1 APP-JRG-17/0329F Khannanov R.A. 10:30-11:00
2 APP-SSG-17/0442F Utegulov Zh. N. 11:00-11:30
3 APP-SSG-17/0057F  Mukatova I.Y. 11:30-12:00
4 APP-JRG-17/0090F Kudabayeva S.E. 12:00-12:30
5 APP-JRG-17/0351F Zhakupov B.M. 12:30-13:00
lunch 13:00-14:30
6 APP-SSG-17/0323F Gabdreshev G.E. 14:30-15:00
7 APP-SSG-17/0236F Abugaliyev K.R. 15:00-15:30
8 APP-JRG-17/0185F Aitpayev K.A. 15:30-16:00
break/coffee break 16:00-16:30
9 APP-SSG-17/0350F Mynbayev M.T. 16:30-17:00
10 APP-JRG-17/0180F Kerimkulov Zh.S. 17:00-17:30
11 APP-JRG-17/0298F Jampeisov D.K. 17:30-18:00
June 19th 2017 (Monday)
1 APP-JRG-17/0293F Zhakupov Y.Zh. 9:00-9:30
2 APP-SSG-17/0380F Ospankulova G.K. 9:30-10:00
3 APP-JRG-17/0141F Fomenko M.V. 10:00-10:30
break/coffee break 10:30-11:00
4 APP-JRG-17/0379F Zhunussov A.K. 11:00-11:30
5 APP-SSG-17/0334F Karimov B.K. 11:30-12:00
6 APP-SSG-17/0370F Tatkeeva G.G. 12:00-12:30
7 APP-SSG-17/0071F Kenzhin B.M. 12:30-13:00
lunch 13:00-14:30
8 APP-SSG-17/0290F Aryngazin K.Sh. 14:30-15:00
9 APP-SSG-17/0171F Zhumagaliyeva Sh.N. 15:00-15:30
10 APP-SSG-17/0240F Sadykbek T.A. 15:30-16:00
break/coffee break 16:00-16:30
11 APP-JRG-17/0400F Imankulov T.S. 16:30-17:00
12 APP-SSG-17/0044F Donenov B.K. 17:00-17:30
13 APP-SSG-17/0241F Bekmagambetov М.М. 17:30-18:00
June 20th 2017 (Tuesday)
1 APP-JRG-17/0332F Karabekov D.A. 9:00-9:30
2 APP-SSG-17/0028F Lysenko V.S. 9:30-10:00
3 APP-JRG-17/0045F Aubakirova S.S. 10:00-10:30
break/coffee break 10:30-11:00
4 APP-SSG-17/0353F Istekova S.A. 11:00-11:30
5 APP-SSG-17/0319F Utelbayev B.T. 11:30-12:00
6 APP-SSG-17/0173F Yerenova B.E. 12:00-12:30
7 APP-SSG-17/0433F Akzhalova A.Zh. 12:30-13:00
lunch 13:00-14:30
8 APP-JRG-17/0111F  Myrzakhanova M.M. 14:30-15:00
9 APP-SSG-17/0206F Vernigor A.V. 15:00-15:30
10 APP-SSG-17/0324F  Abdiyev K.Zh. 15:30-16:00
break/coffee break 16:00-16:30
11 APP-JRG-17/0292F Kozhagulov Y.T. 16:30-17:00
12 APP-JRG-17/0438F Aidarov K.A. 17:00-17:30
13 APP-JRG-17/0203F Turgumbayeva A.A. 17:30-18:00
June 21st 2017 (Wednesday)
1 APP-SSG-17/0330F Ilgekbayeva G.D. 9:00-9:30
2 APP-JRG-17/0448F Assilbekov B.K. 9:30-10:00
3 APP-JRG-17/0160F Zakiruly O. 10:00-10:30
break/coffee break 10:30-11:00
4 APP-SSG-17/0005F Shokanov A.K. 11:00-11:30
5 APP-SSG-17/0213F Khojibergenov D. T. 11:30-12:00
6 APP-SSG-17/0422F Kenbeilova S.Zh. 12:00-12:30
7 APP-JRG-17/0393F Orazbekuly E.O. 12:30-13:00
lunch 13:00-14:30
8 APP-SSG-17/0022F Kvasov A.I. 14:30-15:00
9 APP-SSG-17/0017F Koshumbayev M.B 15:00-15:30
10 APP-JRG-17/0211F Tokmoldin N.S. 15:30-16:00
break/coffee break 16:00-16:30
11 APP-SSG-17/0242F Yessenbayev Zh. A. 16:30-17:00
12 APP-SSG-17/0015F Arynov K.T. 17:00-17:30
13 APP-SSG-17/0099F Krassikov S. A. 17:30-18:00
June 22nd 2017 (Thursday)
1 APP-SSG-17/0008F Taimasov B. 9:00-9:30
2 APP-SSG-17/0280F Kaltayev A.Zh. 9:30-10:00
3 APP-SSG-17/0345F Karmanov T.D. 10:00-10:30
break/coffee break 10:30-11:00
4 APP-SSG-17/0428F Nadirov R.K. 11:00-11:30
5 APP-SSG-17/0384F  Irmukhambetova G.S 11:30-12:00
6 APP-SSG-17/0342F Musina I.B. 12:00-12:30


Dear applicants, selected for the final presentation stage for International Science and Commercialization Board!

The Project Management Unit for the Fostering Productive Innovation Project (hereinafter - PMU) informs that presentations of your projects for International Science and Commercialization Board (hereinafter - ISCB) will take place between June 18th-22nd 2017 in PMU office: Astana, Tauelsizdik av. 41, 5th floor, conference room.

You need to come to PMU office 30 minutes earlier than specified time in presentation schedule.

According to the presentation schedule, each project will be given 30 minutes, including 10 minutes - for presentation of project leader, 10 minutes for question-answer session and 10 minutes for internal discussion of ISCB members without involving applicants.

Presentations will be delivered in English, if project leader does not speak English, other team member who is fluent in English or a translator may be involved.  No more than 3 members from each application team may be present during the presentation.

For presentation, you need to bring:

  • 9 paper copies of slides in English;
  • 2 paper copies of slides in Russian;
  • PowerPoint slides in English and Russian on an electronic media with no viruses or malicious software.


Contact number: 8 (7172) 23-90-64, 8 (7172) 23-90-66, on technical issues: 8 (775) 3032813.

 19 May 2017 year


The Science Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan informs about the preliminary results of the Senior Scientist Groups (SSG) and Junior Researcher Groups (JRG) Grant Program contest.

The shortlist of Sub-projects moving to the second stage of SSJRG Grant Program Contest is given below.

All shortlisted applicants should fill in the full proposal form on the Portal Deadline for full proposals submission is June 2nd, 2017, 6 PM Astana time.

Application number Head's Full name
1 APP-JRG- 17/0329P Khannanov Rinat Askhatovich
2 APP-JRG- 17/0052P Dmitriyev Timur Petrovich
3 APP-SSG- 17/0028P Lyssenko Viktor Stepanovich
4 APP-SSG- 17/0017P Koshumbayev Marat  Bulatovich
5 APP-SSG- 17/0061P Ahmetkaliev Ryskali Baktygereevich
6 APP-SSG- 17/0071P Kenzhin Bolat Mauletovich
7 APP-JRG- 17/0180P Kerimkulov Zhandos  Seitovich
8 APP-SSG- 17/0234P Bulatova Kulpash Mansurovna
9 APP-SSG- 17/0142P Urozaliev Rakhim Almabekovich
10 APP-SSG- 17/0213P Khojibergenov Davlatbek Turganbekovich
11 APP-SSG- 17/0140P Ospanbayev Zhumagali
12 APP-JRG- 17/0203P Turgumbayeva Aknur Amanbekovna
13 APP-SSG- 17/0003P Kassenov Akzhan Kainullaevich
14 APP-JRG- 17/0448P Assilbekov Bakytzhan Kalzhanovich
15 APP-SSG- 17/0008P Taimasov Bakhitzhan
16 APP-SSG- 17/0345P Karmanov Togys Dosmurzaevizh
17 APP-SSG- 17/0295P Askarov Yerlan Seitkasymovich
18 APP-JRG- 17/0386P Appazov Nurbol
19 APP-SSG- 17/0380P Ospankulova Gulnazym Khamitovna
20 APP-JRG- 17/0139P Kulgildinov Bakhtiyar Muratovich
21 APP-SSG- 17/0236P Abugaliyev Kabylbek Rizabekovich
22 APP-SSG- 17/0447P Mussabaev Turlybek Turkpenovich
23 APP-JRG- 17/0160P Zakiruly Olzhas Yerezhinov
24 APP-JRG- 17/0103P Nurdaulet Kairatuly
25 APP-JRG- 17/0045P Aubakirov Sanzhar Serikovich
26 APP-SSG- 17/0353P Istekova  Sara Amanzholovna
27 APP-SSG- 17/0081P Absatirov Gaisa Garapovich
28 APP-JRG- 17/0116P Baimatova Nassiba Khikmatullaevna
29 APP-SSG- 17/0384P Irmukhametova Galiya Serikbayevna
30 APP-SSG- 17/0319P Utelbayev Bolysbek Toichibekovich
31 APP-SSG- 17/0024P Kudaibergenov Sarkyt Elekenovich
32 APP-SSG- 17/0186P Zhukeshov Anuar Muratovich
33 APP-SSG- 17/0428P Nadirov Rashid Kazimovich
34 APP-SSG- 17/0435P Bekbauov Bakhbergen Ermekbayevich
35 APP-SSG- 17/0240P Sadykbek Toleuserik Abishuly
36 APP-SSG- 17/0173P Yerenova Bibipatyma Yertaevna
37 APP-SSG- 17/0032P Zhapbasbayev Uzak Kairbekovich
38 APP-SSG- 17/0394P Smagulov Dauletkhan Ulyalovich
39 APP-SSG- 17/0197P Shomanova  Zhanat Khayrollinovna
40 APP-JRG- 17/0105P Daribayev Temirbek Amankeldiyevich
41 APP-SSG- 17/0228P Parzhanov Zhanibek Anuarbekovich
42 APP-SSG- 17/0242P Yessenbayev Zhandos Amanbayevich
43 APP-SSG- 17/0255P Temirbekov Yerbol Saduakhasovich
44 APP-SSG- 17/0314P Yefremov  Sergey Anatolievich
45 APP-SSG- 17/0011P Rogov Evgeniy Ivanovich
46 APP-SSG- 17/0022P Kvasov Andrei Ivanovich
47 APP-JRG- 17/0254P Aliyeva Zamira Abaykyzy
48 APP-SSG- 17/0099P Krassikov Sergey Anatolevich
49 APP-JRG- 17/0298P Jampeissov Daniyar Kanatovich
50 APP-SSG- 17/0280P Kaltayev Aidarkhan Zhusupbekovich
51 APP-SSG- 17/0216P Svanbayev Yeldos Abugalievich
52 APP-SSG- 17/0350P Mynbayev Murat Taikeltirovich
53 APP-SSG- 17/0433P Akzhalova Assel Zholdasovna
54 APP-SSG- 17/0088P Bayazitova Kulbaram Nurgalievna
55 APP-SSG- 17/0005P Shokanov Adilkhan Kasymbekovich
56 APP-JRG- 17/0421P Kozhirbayev Zhanibek Mambetkarimovich
57 APP-SSG- 17/0015P Arynov Kazhmukhan Tokhtiyarovich
58 APP-JRG- 17/0343P Baimagambetov Alimzhan Boranbaevich
59 APP-SSG- 17/0177P Tuleukhanov Sultan Tuleukhanovich
60 APP-SSG- 17/0027P Kletsel Mark Yakovlevich
61 APP-SSG- 17/0044P Donenov Beisen Kainarbayevich
62 APP-SSG- 17/0326P Ketegenov Tlek Aytmukhanovich
63 APP-JRG- 17/0111P Myrzakhanov Maxat Makhmudovich
64 APP-SSG- 17/0166P Mussabekov Akhmetbek Akhylbekovich
65 APP-SSG- 17/0143P Akhmetova Gulnazi Dauletkhanovna
66 APP-JRG- 17/0219P Altayev Sanzhar Askarovich
67 APP-SSG- 17/0440P Mansharipova Almagul Tuleuovna
68 APP-SSG- 17/0046P Tashmenov Rakhimberdi Sarsekovich
69 APP-JRG- 17/0293P Zhakupov Yerkanat Zhanatovich
70 APP-SSG- 17/0171P Zhumagalieva Shynar Nurlanovna
71 APP-SSG- 17/0069P Ibrasheva Raikhan Khassanovna
72 APP-SSG- 17/0109P Ualiyev Gakhip Ualiyevich
73 APP-SSG- 17/0324P Abdiyev Kaldibek Zhamshaevich
74 APP-JRG- 17/0185P Aitpayev Kairat Almazovich
75 APP-JRG- 17/0438P Aidarov Kanat Alkhozhaevich
76 APP-JRG- 17/0070P Baysagov Janis Zhanarovich
77 APP-JRG- 17/0250P Abdullayev Azat Irgebaiuly
78 APP-JRG- 17/0393P Orazbekuly Erbolat Orazbekovich
79 APP-JRG- 17/0211P Tokmoldin Nurlan Serekbolovich
80 APP-SSG- 17/0290P Aringazin Kapar Shakimovich
81 APP-JRG- 17/0292P Kozhagulov Yeldos Tokkozhauly
82 APP-SSG- 17/0108P Bodykov Duisen Uteshovich
83 APP-JRG- 17/0169P Maussymbayeva Aliya Dumanovna
84 APP-SSG- 17/0053P Bakirov Rashid Bakirovich
85 APP-JRG- 17/0382P Kuanchaleyev ZHaxigaly Batyrgaleyevich
86 APP-SSG- 17/0363P Turysbekova Gaukhar Seithanovna
87 APP-SSG- 17/0373P Kazybayeva Saule Zhambylovna
88 APP-SSG- 17/0059P Burkeev Meyram Zhunusovich
89 APP-SSG- 17/0174P Ali Abay Maramuly
90 APP-SSG- 17/0241P Bekmagambetov Murat Makhmetovich
91 APP-SSG- 17/0442P Utegulov Zhandos Nurpeisovich
92 APP-SSG- 17/0057P Mukatova Irina Yuryevna
93 APP-SSG- 17/0422P Kenbeilova Saltanat Zhapaspaiyevna
94 APP-JRG- 17/0351P Zhakupov Bakhtiyar Maratovich
95 APP-SSG- 17/0376P Nurseitov Daniyar Borisovich
96 APP-JRG- 17/0090P Kudabayeva Saltanat Yersinovna
97 APP-JRG- 17/0141P Fomenko Marina Vladimirovna
98 APP-SSG- 17/0206P Vernigor Andrey Viktorovich
99 APP-JRG- 17/0309P Kozhakhmet Kanat Temirgaliuly
100 APP-SSG- 17/0123P Nurumgaliev Asylbek Khabadashevich
101 APP-SSG- 17/0162P Kenenbayev Serik Barmenbekovich
102 APP-SSG- 17/0225P Kombarov Marat Nigmetovich
103 APP-SSG- 17/0416P Nurbekova  Zhanat Kunapianovna
104 APP-SSG- 17/0323P Gabdreshov Galimzhan Esengeldievich
105 APP-SSG- 17/0429P Aldiyarov Abdurakhman Ualievich
106 APP-SSG- 17/0336P Mustafayev Zhumakhan Suleimenovich
107 APP-JRG- 17/0332P Karabekov Doszhan Alimovich
108 APP-JRG- 17/0400P Imankulov Timur Sakenovich
109 APP-SSG- 17/0392P Oleichenko Sergey Nicolaevich
110 APP-SSG- 17/0303P Montayev Sarsenbek Aliakbaruly
111 APP-JRG- 17/0379P Zhunussov Askhat Kanatovich
112 APP-SSG- 17/0270P Issova Ainur Tanirbergenkyzy
113 APP-JRG- 17/0425P Tileubergenov Iliyas Meiramkululy
114 APP-JRG- 17/0426P Alikhanov Kuantar Daulenovich
115 APP-SSG- 17/0334P Karimov Baurzhan Kairgeldinovich
116 APP-SSG- 17/0233P Ospanova Feruza E.
117 APP-SSG- 17/0370P Tatkeyeva Galina Galimzyanovna
118 APP-SSG- 17/0342P Musina Inkara Bahitovna
119 APP-SSG- 17/0330P Ilgekbayeva Gulnaz Duisekovna
120 APP-JRG- 17/0347P Kuntsevich Vitaliy Victorovich
121 APP-SSG- 17/0431P Kyzyrov Kayrulla Beysenbayevich

 *Comments of the experts are available in personal account in corresponding section.

Download the Statistics on preliminary proposals for 2017

List of winners selected under the SSG/JRG Grant Program in 2016

Activities Generally Ineligible for IBRD financing

Environmental Code

Sanitary regulations as of 20.03.2015, №237




SSG and JRG Grant Program Manual


Note! The application must be filled on-line at portal

Recommendations for final presentation under Grant Program (for Applicants shortlisted for final stage of the selection contest)

download Presentation

download Recommendations of the ISCB on preparing the presentation

The objective of the grant program

Component 1 "Development of knowledge base for innovation" considers the  implementation of the grants program for senior scientists group (hereinafter - SSG) and junior  researchers group (JRG).

The objective of the SSG and JRG Grant Program is to support Kazakhstani scientists to commercialize  the promising  R&D results conducted by a group of independent scientists in research institutes, universities and other institutions engaged in scientific and scientific and technical activities in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The program is aimed at promoting scientific investigations of local scientists in strategic for the country directions under the state program of industrial-innovative development for 2015-2019 years.


The Science Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, under the Fostering Productive Innovation Project, announces contest on Grant Program for Senior Scientist Groups (SSG) and Junior Scientist Groups (JRG) for commercialization of technology.The purpose of this Grant Program is to support the commercialization of technology based innovations. Commercialization of scientific and technical activities is defined as activities related to practical application of R&D, including intellectual property, aimed at launching new or improved products, processes and services for income extraction.

The purpose of this Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) is to invite submission of proposals from individuals and groups with innovative technologies at an advanced stage of research and development with HIGH COMMERCIAL POTENTIAL. Priority will be given to proposals with a high technology readiness for market entry, availability of business partner/investor (s) and/or customer (s).

International collaboration is important factor for the improvement of quality and relevance of R&D in Kazakhstan and proposals from international teams meeting requirements of the Grant Program are encouraged.

Selection will be carried out in two stages by the International Science and Commercialization Board. Details of the selection process can be found in the Grant Manual. The Implementation period for the commercialization of technology under these Grants should not exceed three (3) years. Group can not have more than 7 persons, not less than 50% of whom must be citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan including the Head of Sub-project.

Grants of 230 mln. tenge for SSG and 180 mln. tenge for JRG are available . The goal of the project is for the companies to be self-sustainable through sales,  private sector investments and/or licensing agreements by the end of Year 3.

The Application period starts on March 01, 2017, 9-00 AM Astana. The deadline for receiving applications is April 3, 2017, 18-00 PM Astana. Terms and conditions of the contest are detailed in the SSG and JRG Grant Program Manual, which you can download on the website in the SSG and JRG section.  

It is critical that Applicants read and follow all application instructions in the Grant Manual. Applications must be submitted  in English, Kazakh and/or Russian on-line via the Portal The English version of proposals will be regarded as the main document, since projects will be examined in English. Conformance to all requirements (both in the FOA and Grant Manual) is required and strictly enforced. Applications that do not comply with these instructions may be delayed or not accepted for review.  

For more information about SSG and JRG Grant Program, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the PMU(Project Management Unit) of Fostering Productive Innovations Project: 8 775 303 28 13, 8 775 303 28 51, 8 771 817 34 93. 

Who can participate?

Applicants should form a group of scientists with no more than 7 people, including a specialist in the commercialization of technology and engineer / technologist, who in future in case of a winning a grant will establish an independent legal entity in the form of a limited liability company in order to implement the project and extract revenue from commercialisation of R&D results.

How to apply for the grant program?

SSG and JRG Grants will be assigned on a competitive basis after the expertise of the  independent body, International Science and Commercialization Board (ISCB), which includes 7 international experts in the field of science and business, and 2 local experts.

In order to determine the best ideas and propositions, a two-stage selection will be carried out. In the first stage, the applicants make short proposals (pre-proposals) which are evaluated by ISCB members, then the applicants who passed the first stage submit full proposals justifying in more details the measures, the costs and the expected results.

Points give an advantage in the consideration and serve as a source of information during the final evaluation of projects by the International Science and Commercialization Board. All decisions on the selection of projects are taken by ISCB.

To ensure a uniform application system, the procedures like collection, evaluation and follow-up monitoring of applications will be carried out through a specially designed portal integrated into this site.

More detailed information about SSG and JRG grant program and the competition’s requirements can be found in the guide for participants of SSG and JRG Grant Program under the   “Fostering Productive Innovation” project. We recommend you to read the answers for frequently asked questions.

The announcements regarding the applications will be published in the media, on the website of the Ministry of Education and Science, as well as in this project’s site.

We invite all scientific organizations and independent scientists to actively participate in the competition under SSG and JRG Grant Program!


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